Anton Moglia

Zerowaste starts in the bathroom!

We unwillingly contribute to the profusion of waste that fills our oceans, our grounds, our bodies. We are not responsible for all this waste. Plastic is cheap, waterproof and it takes any shape you want. It's perfect for making a sanitised industrial product and distributing billions of individual portions of shit. So I tried to reduce the amount of waste I produce. Zero waste is really not easy. However, I have found a way to practice zero waste in my daily life, at least in one area : the bathroom.

  • Instead of liquid soap, use a solid soap. Sometimes these can be harsh, so choose a baby soap, it works great.
  • To clean your ears, use an Ear Pick, it replaces cotton buds very well and is very pleasant to use. In French, we call them Oriculi.
  • Shaving? Use a solid shaving bar and a butterfly razor, it's the perfect combo!
  • For the face, there are solid cleansers, and I also use a solid and raw cocoa butter to moisturise my face.
  • For the toothbrush, you can opt for a brush with a removable head, and you'll avoid buying a plastic handle every quarter that will end up in the bin.

You can go on and find your own solutions. Really the bathroom is the easiest part. I particularly like Lamazuna, which is the most committed French brand for a zero waste bathroom. We're drowning in waste, and I have to say it feels good to use healthy, eco-friendly products in my bathroom. Do the same!

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