Anton Moglia

Take a walk and pick up two things.

Each new year, I like to start with a walk, or a short hike. It's a healthy and quiet way to begin this new cycle.

The first thing you can bring back from this walk is a piece of waste. It's quite easy to find, it's everywhere. Really. That's one less. Look carefully in the bushes, in the cavities… the wind and the Sapiens hide this kind of stuff. Of course, this will not solve the massive pollution of plastic and household waste, but it will give you a good conscience and it will heal your environment. It’s more about civic-mindedness than ecology, because once waste is produced, it stays. If you are motivated, bring a small paper bag to gather a small trash collection.

The second thing to bring back from your walk is a treasure. Look around to the ground, isn't there a small piece of wood with an original shape? A strange fossil? A stone with a different structure? To the whole world around, it is nothing more than an insignificant piece of wood, a simple stone. But for you, this little piece of the world will become a gem. Take it home, put it on the shelf and enjoy its beauty. It is a sculpture gifted by the universe. To change our perspective on livings, earthlings, on the other animals and species of planet earth, we must bring back a dose of consideration and sacredness. Admire the beauty of the little things on your path!

A beautiful year 2023, lucid and awake :-)

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